About Us


for creatives, by creatives.

Ru & Co. is a branding and content creating studio in West Palm Beach, FL. The company was founded in 2018 by Jeru and Joel Peace, a husband and wife team and two creatives who are passionate about watching other businesses grow through creativity and art.


Founder and Creative Director

A girl with a dream bigger than herself.

 Born and raised in Mexico City, moved to Australia when I was 18 yo to go to college where I studied TV & Media, met the love of my life there, got married after 4 years of dating and officially moved to Florida, where I reside now.

All that to say: places have changed, people in my life have changed, the way I do things has changed but my passion remains the same. I have found the beauty of life behind a lens and I want to share it with the world. I have always been considered a creative.

Obnoxiously obsessed with fashion, aesthetics, graphic design and photographing people's memories.  Iā€™m a longtime admirer of beauty. Earth tones with pops of green and white are always my default. If you want to get bold/creative/genuine photos abd graphics with an edgier look that will bring your business aesthetically pleasing content, take you back to the moment and make your heart skip a beat, I'm your girl. 

Let's be adventurous together.


Co-founder and Sr. Designer

Husband. Dad. Creative.

Born in NYC, raised in South FL. Moved to Australia when I was 18 yo to study worship and theology. There, I met my wife and discovered a new love for aesthetics.

I never considered myself a creative until I realized that I saw things and processed things differently than most of the people around me. I always knew I loved music, but discovered in my late teens I just had a love for art overall. Whether it was seeing it, hearing it, creating it. I loved it.

Normally, I create for myself, our clients and my local church. From series branding, videos, to creative moments for services.

I would be honored to work with you and create stunning content together.